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Graciela Alimanestianu, M.S., L.A.c

Licensed Acupuncturist


Hamptons and Manhattan


Education and Professional Experience

  • New York State Licensed Acupuncturist

  • Trained in Classical Acupuncture

  • Trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

  • Bachelor's Degree in Professional Health Sciences from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences

  • Master's Degree of Science in Acupuncture from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences                          

  • Acupuncture clinical experience at Montefiore Medical Center's Pain Clinic

  • Acupuncture clinical experience at ACQC Aids Center

  • Acupuncture clinical experience at the Swedish Institute Su Wen clinic

  • Acupuncture clinical experience at at Beautiful You Center for the Healing Arts  

  • Acupuncture clinical experience at Geomare Wellness Center

  • Certified Reconnective Healing practitioner by Dr. Eric Pearl

  • Certified in Cerebro Spinal Fluid Technique by Dr. Don Glassey  

  • Founder of Ciel Acupuncture

  • Co-Founder of Geomare Wellness Center, in Southampton, New York

Graciela is extremely passionate about holistic integrative medicine and considers her acupuncture practice as a way to make a positive impact on her patient’s lives.  Her practice is deeply rooted in Classical Acupuncture theory and treatments. Classical Acupuncture is an exceedingly effective medical system that reflects a vast wisdom developed throughout a rich and ancient Chinese medical history. Classical Acupuncture is rooted in ancient Chinese medical texts and it is as relevant and effectual today as it was in ancient China. The treatments she administers are designed to meet each person’s specific needs.  Sessions provide a unique experience and allow for the body’s maximum healing capabilities to occur.  Patients obtain pain and symptom relief, feel healthier and achieve a greater sense of inner peace, to live happier lives.

Ciel Acupuncture


New York, NY 10012


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Southampton Office:

631-988-4971 Appointments Monday- Friday

Practitioners of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have used this noninvasive method of treatment for thousands of years to help millions of people lead a symptom free and healthier life style.


Acupuncture serves as a wonderful medium for an increase in overall health and wellbeing, as well as in treating pains, aches, injuries, addictions, sicknesses, disease related issues, mental and physical disorders, bodily dysfunctions or as complementary support, especially for those patients who: (i) may be non-responsive to current treatment modalities, (ii) suffer from substance abuse that renders them unable to take advantage of standard medications or (iii) are pregnant and cannot utilize allopathic treatments.



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