Graciela Zolman, M.S., L.A.c

Graciela has a profound and intimate respect for ancient Chinese Medicine. It is through her distinguishing qualities that she came to find herself on a sojourn into the world of health, medicine, healers and health care professionals.  She has also come to a deeper understanding and respect for the importance between the connection of Eastern and Western medicine, all of which made her yearn to delve into the world of alternative holistic medicine.  Although Graciela practices Classical and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, she feels that it is critical to understand and be able to synthesis Western biomedicine.  It is through her studies of both Chinese Medicine and Bio Medicine that Graciela has learned about the dynamic processes in which the human body functions as well as how, what and why a wide spectrum of diseases and pathologies evolve in the human body. Graciela’s passion for aiding people began at an early age, with her intrinsic qualities being intellectual curiosity and a passion for helping others.  Deemed as an “old soul” by those closest to her, she is gifted with an inherent and perceptive intuition and has a natural propensity for healing and caring for others.  Insightful and loving in nature as a child, her greatest wish was for “everyone” to be healthy and happy.  Graciela feels that “change” in one’s life is achievable on a greater level and strives to help make this change possible for her patients.  




Ciel Acupuncture Mission

Ciel Acupuncture’s mission is to offer treatments that work to harmonize the body and mind.  Graciela’s distinctive techniques enable people to obtain mental peace, symptom relief, and physical relaxation for an overall sense of well-being.  Her methods facilitate powerful states of relaxation, boost immunity levels, improve physical and emotional health, restore balance and enhance the body’s natural self-healing capabilities.